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A bit about us!

So we are starting here, our very first blog post! Please please please get involved with us, comment or just get in touch to share the love!

I’m Chloe, 22 years old, married and blessed with my beautiful little Lola who is 2 going on 20. (I say blessed now, whilst she’s with her Nan but I know that’s not the word I use at 3AM, when she’s had me up 5 times to go to the loo in the space of an hour. That has to be some sort of super power, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve face planted the corner of doors half asleep whilst herding her into the bathroom.

Anyway, you will hear a lot more about HRH (her royal highness as we like to call her) as we go on and get a little more used to the new blogging world!

I like to think of myself as creative, especially with words and telling some kind of story. I remember from a little girl I would sit and write pages and pages of made up stories and it would all just kind of fall out of my head onto the page, and I LOVED it. So this whole blogging world is perfect for me because I can just go on and on and on until someone stops me haha!

I’m passionate about fashion (especially Lola’s) and love sharing new trends with people, we get asked a lot where certain outfits are from and this is the perfect way to share her wardrobe with you. As for me, you will probably catch me with a mum bun and in Adidas leggings – I know… I really need to sort my own wardrobe out eventually. TINY OUTFITS ARE JUST SO MUCH BETTER!!

So I really hope you enjoy this crazy little journey with us, watch this space for our next blog!

Here’s me and HRH at my wedding back in August.