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Santa took my dummy!

I had pretty much been dreading the whole disappearing dummy act since Lola was born, I remember thinking oh my god how many sleepless nights am I going to have, how many screaming fits until she begins to forget about it… and you know what, she was an absolute ANGEL!!

We decided to take the plunge at Christmas and made out that naughty Santa stole all of Lola’s precious dummies whilst she slept! But in return left her a mountain of presents.

She was so much more into Christmas this year, she knew more about what was going on and was so so excited (as was I) which I think made everything a little bit easy during that painful process!

Lola did ask for her dummy on Christmas day a couple of times, no tantrums though – BONUS! Every time she asked I explained how Santa had taken her dummy because she was a big girl now and he left her lots of presents to play with instead. She actually gives out a little giggle now when I explain the story to her. I think when she asks its not because she wants her dummy its just because she wants to hear about Santa and his Reindeer again! She was reindeer mad, I downloaded a video which places a reindeer in your living room and she went CRAZYYYY when she saw it! Go on ReindeerReady to get yours next Christmas.

Getting a tad of topic haha! But yes it really wasn’t all that bad, she asked for her dummy back a maximum of 3 days and that was it, she went bed fine without it I was really in shock. I have noticed as well that she was really attached to her comfort blanket aswell as her dummy and since the dummy has gone shes completely lost interest in her blanket! So maybe the blanket can go next! I really hate it – it stinks, really bad. No matter how much I wash it.

And the best thing is now I get to see her pretty little smile much clearer!

Have any mummy’s been through this before? how did you get on? We would love to hear about your experience!

Lola’s lovely jumper is from RiverIsland

Hair Bow – TheBowtique