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Potty training 101

Potty training… oh how I dreaded those words! As I first time mum I had no clue on when I should be starting, what method I should try, or whether I was just doing the whole thing wrong.

I found that the key was consistency, within a week Lola was completely out of nappies and asked to go toilet every time she needed to go.

Every child is completely different and will get through the potty stage when they are ready, but hopefully some of my tips and experiences below will help you know what to expect!

Introduce the potty – This was our first step, Lola meet potty, potty meet Lola. We let her play with it, put her babies on it and occasionally she sat on it.It was a great way to just get her familiar with the new strange looking seat that arrived at home! As time went on, she would sit on it more and we would explain that potty is the place to pull her nappy down and have a wee.

Getting a wee on the potty – Once she did her first wee on the potty we praised her tremendously! It made her want to go on it more because when she went she would get loads of cheers and cuddles. For us this was when things changed. She sat down and did her first poo on the potty, she stood up and looked back at the potty… and was absolutely mortified! The look of horror on her face seeing her own poo was hilarious! I still tell everyone that story, she will hate me when she’s older! From that point on she hated the potty, wouldn’t go near it at all, so we had to try with the toilet. We got her a toilet seat and started all over again.

Big girl pants – By this point she was in between telling us when she needed to go and not telling us, so we brought her proper pants and replaced nappies with those in the day. Absolute hell for the next two days, occasionally she would tell us but often she would have accidents – wee EVERYWHERE. That was the point I thought to myself I must be doing this wrong??? Which, when I look back was a bit over the top as the poor child had only been trying for 2 days!

Nursery/daycare – Not everyone will be able to have this help if your little ones aren’t currently in childcare but I do think this really helped. After 2 days of feeling like I lived in a sewer, I sent Lola to Nursery just in pants and explained we had started toilet training. They really helped and the break from running frantically up the stairs with a leaking child every 10 minutes was amazing. They had tiny toilets and I think the children like the independence of being able to get on them theirselves. Day 2 at Nursery and she has only had one accident all day! *Happy mum dance*

Consistency – The weekend soon came back around and I was slightly nervous that I was going to be in the same situation as the weekend before. Now she had the general idea it was a little easier, but the main thing was to be consistent – I would ask repeatedly if she needed to go toilet, just to remind her that she didn’t have a nappy on. Most the time she would say no, but occasions she would say yes wee wee m, until came the day she ran over to me and said wee wee Mummy and she was amazing from that point!

My tips are no way the perfect way to try toilet training, it just happens to be what worked for us! I’m hoping to have just offered a bit of advice for anyone unsure of how to start!

How did you get your little ones toilet trained? What worked best for you? What didn’t work?

Get in touch a let us know! The more tips and advice the better!

Chloe xx