Get Savvy with your wedding spending – tips to keep within your budget

Weddings quite literally drain every single penny out of your bank, life savings, everything you can think of… but it’s ok because its YOUR WEDDING DAY!! Everyone is guilty of splashing the cash on the special big day, and then left feeling slightly broken when its all over in a blink of an eye!

We tried to keep costs as low as possible for our wedding, you know because we needed to eat and live after the day was done ha!

We got married at Brooksby Hall in Melton Mowbray last August.


Here are a couple of my Savvy Saving tips to help keep your costs down!

  1. Don’t rule out fake flowers.

When I first heard about silk flowers I thought to myself no way am I having fake flowers at my wedding, until I went to a wedding Fayre and I was shown the most beautiful silk flower display. I 100% thought they were real to begin with, they were absolutely perfect in everyway! I did a bit more research and found that these flowers were costing nearly half the price of what real ones were about to cost me, plus they were reliable and sturdy, I knew that no petals were going start falling off and they were something I would be able to keep forever. For a practical view as well, you normally have to collect/or have delivered real flowers a day or two before so they don’t start to wilt, I at this stage was running round like a headless chicken so I was so happy I had already picked my flowers up a week in advance. They were safe and ready to go for the big day!

All of my bouquets (6), children’s wands, button holes and the top table centre piece were all silk flowers from Sposini Weddings in Leicestershire who also supplied all of our wedding stationary too. Fantastic service and pricing.

2. Get Creative

I struggled for ages to decide on table centre pieces, eventually I decided I wanted some kind of flower and vase decoration. Which are really easy to find a pick up, until you need 12 of them to cover each table. All the ones I found were just so expensive to buy that many of, so we got a little bit creative and came up with our own idea to match my theme.


This was my main centre piece, the vase and flowers were from The range and we stocked up on bags and bags of marshmallows wherever we went! It brought a nice fun look to the table, and the guests seemed to enjoy nicking the marshmallows in the evening!

My flower girls all had handmade headbands, made by myself.

We also created our own confetti cones! You can buy packs of confetti from Amazon.

You can save a hell of a lot of money getting stuck in yourself, it’s also a bit of fun in between all of the stress!

3. Shop around

When I went to buy my wedding dress I was looking at the shoes and accessories they had in store too and I was absolutely blown away by the prices! As if you haven’t already spent enough on the dress! So many shops now so beautiful wedding accessories it’s so worth looking on the high street. My wedding shoes are Dune London which my mother in Law got from Very

4. Shop Small for Unique Accessories

I absolutely love Instagram shopping, I think it’s down to how unique items are compared to what you can buy everywhere else. If you want something personal and special to you, be sure to check Instagram first, here are two shops that featured at my wedding:-

Pretty little Maison personalised board

Georgies Little Sparkles Wifey bag

5. Evening food

Now I never would of known this but I was told by just about everyone when it came to planning my wedding, you should only cater for around 60% max of your evening guests for your night time buffet! Apparently this is due to the day guests having had a 3 course meal and being well and truly into a drinking session by then, they don’t seem to touch the food as much. You also have to factor in that some people won’t turn up and some that come to the evening reception may have eaten beforehand, this saved us an absolute fortune by cutting the number down!

It’s your wedding day and you want it to be as perfect as ever! Two things I would say to never scrimp on are 1. Of course your wedding dress – it’s got to be perfect for you. 2. A photographer we used Oehlers Photography (who were amazing!)- this is so important, you’ve spent so much time and money on this special day and you will be surprised how much you forget the following day, you do not want crappy photos to remember your big day by. Shop around and make the photographer top priority!

Last note – ALWAYS attend those wedding Fairs! They are where I found nearly 75% of my wedding suppliers!

Party Linen worked their magic and transformed the hall with their beautiful drapes and Chiavari chairs.

Jackstar Productions supplied a beautiful starlit dancefloor.

Charlotte at Princess Occasions supplied LOVE letters, decorative ladders, and candles/accessories around our centrepieces.

John at Pure Photography Booths supplied us with a great photo booth, all the guests loved it and he was really fun and friendly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I’m so glad I don’t have to be a Bridezilla ever again though!

Share your wedding tips with us! Or if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Chloe x