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Parenting Pain – Sleep Deprivation

Now that I have a two year old I certainly don’t feel as sleep deprived as I used to when she was younger, but I still don’t get a full nights sleep. Broken sleep is the norm for me now, I usually get up 2-3 times on a good night for either toilet or juice needs! Though it’s pretty manageable I can still get up and go to work and function like a normal person.

I do however, remember those dreaded days and how hard they are on everyone. I recently had a chat with a few other mums who are unfortunately going through this stage with their little ones and my heart goes out to them. Wanting to just lay down and nap once baby is in bed – but they just don’t go bed. Wanting to spend an hour with your partner – but you end up snapping at each other. Wanting a clean house and the washing to be done – but your just too exhausted. The strain is REAL, the tears are REAL.

I remember literally dreading every evening – don’t get me wrong Lola was never an awful sleeper but when she went through her stages, she was horrendous. I used to sit on her bedroom floor with my back against the cot, sometimes for hours until she fell asleep. I then had an hour before I wanted to be in bed myself to try get a shower, do some washing etc. and before I knew it she would be up again. The 4 and 8 month sleep regressions were hard but the 12 and 18 month regression’s hit me the most, because I was back at work. It didn’t matter before if I was tired and grabbed a quick nap with Lola in the day, but with those I had to be in work on two hours sleep, I had to try and get housework done in the evening whilst battling with bedtime.

But you will get through it, and it will come to an end. Don’t ever feel ashamed for having a cry and just a moment on your own, truth is you need it. I cried, I felt like I couldn’t cope and I was embarrassed, but that is what sleep deprivation does. Talk with other mums and try different strategies.

If you’re struggling at the moment with sleep deprivation, I have some natural treatments worth a try:-

  • Eliminate stress – I’m sure you would like to hit me round the head reading this as its pretty obvious, and the last thing you want to hear when you need sleep is don’t stress, BUT its important. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, gentle exercise can all help relieve stress.
  • Get outside – Whether you sit in your garden for an hour or go for a walk, getting some fresh air is a great way to clear your head.
  • Watch your diet – Try to avoid heavy meals late a night, get plenty of fruit and veg to boost your immune system.
  • Do Nap – Do try to catch a nap when you can, ask your partner or family members for help, try and nap when your baby does too – the cleaning can wait.

It will pass eventually, and before you know it they will be teenagers sleeping 16 hours a day and you will wish you could do this all over again.

How are you coping with sleep deprivation, what methods help you through it? Share your stories with us here!

Happy Reading

Chloe x