Snow day fun


We’ve had so much snow in the past few months! Where we live we normally miss out and only get a light sprinkling, today we’ve woke up with about 6 inches!

The last time it snowed in December it was a little warmer so we were able to get out and play for a while. Lola loved it, the past years she’s been a little too small but this year she got stuck right in – throwing snow balls at dad, being pulled round in the sleigh and making snow men.

This time around with -5 winds it’s a tad too cold to go out, thank god. Keeping a two year old occupied whilst being stuck in for two days is hard work though, I can’t watch anymore episodes of Barbie!

We started with a den, which she tore down 362728 times so my pictures are from the one we made a few weeks earlier. She loved being cuddled under blankets with all of her teddies. Really easy to create your own den to give your children a few hours of imaginary play, I tied string from the curtain pole to the handle of a wardrobe and draped sheets and blankets over it.

She’s such a girly girl, always wanting to play with makeup and do her nails, so of course after our den fun – we had a pamper day!


And in case your wondering… yes the tights had to go in the bin!

We’re ready for more snow day fun today, what are you doing with your little ones whilst your snowed in?

Happy reading x