Our Seasonal Goals #1 – Spring

Just as we had a bit of sunshine over the weekend, I really thought that would be the start of Spring – but I woke up the other morning to SNOW! I’m so ready to leave winter behind and be able to get in the garden again, get the BBQ out and see a bit of colour around again.

My goals for Spring:-

  • Do some proper gardening, get some plant plots and make the garden look pretty ready for summer
  • More exercise/time outside
  • Have a complete wardrobe Spring clean
  • Enjoy my birthday with lots of Prosecco!
  • Experiment with baking
  • Try to not stress as much

Lola’s Goals for Spring:-

  • Keep up with gymnastics
  • Have a big toy clear out before her birthday in July
  • Wear at least one top without staining it.
  • Get ready to move into the big class at Nursery
  • Less of ‘no’ to everything

Family Goals for Spring:-

  • Buy a new summer house for the garden
  • Visit Twinlakes
  • Start to plan a holiday for later in the year
  • Decorate the living room
  • New sofa
  • Get a new dining room table to all eat together properly.

Lets see if I can tick all these off the list by the end of Spring!

Why don’t you create a little goals list? What would be your goals for Spring?

Happy Reading

Chloe x