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DIY easter garden

Create your own Easter Garden! These are so cute and a great Easter activity to complete with your little ones. I’m going to be using mine to put little treats in, perfect change from the usual easter baskets we use!

You will need:-

You will also need any decorations you want to use. I used:-

  • Ribbon
  • Paper flowers
  • Daisy’s

You can find these at all craft stores, Etsy and EBay.

Cut out your grass squares to fit inside your crates, and decorate around the edges.

I glued ribbon and daisies around the edge of mine.

Now get stuck in and decorate your bunnies! So many options for these, let the kiddies pick colours and accessories and just get gluing!

That’s it!

Feel free to tag us in pictures of your bunny gardens! I would love you see your creations. Instagram – lola_andmum