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But Mum, I want to wear a dress!

If I had a pound for every time I heard that, I’d be swimming in a diamond incrusted swimming pool now. Lola has hit the age where she’s obsessed with dresses and anything girly, and regularly wants to leave the house wearing her Elsa dress, which on numerous occasions I’ve tried to explain isn’t the right outfit choice for a trip to Asda.

She dresses up at home whenever she wants to and loves twirling around in her tutu’s and Disney costumes, it’s so lovely to watch her imagination go wild. Recently, she’s developed a bit of an obsession with fairies, since purchasing a beautiful dolly from Tiny Tinks (its actually a Fawn, but I’m not going to ruin that for her). She carries it around and tries to dress like her whatever opportunity she gets.

When I came across this gorgeous Primrose dress from Tullulah Belles I absolutely had to get it. It was the perfect match to her ‘fairy/fawn friend’ and with the removable crown she felt like a little fairy princess herself. I always struggle with dresses this time of year, its always too cold and I tend to find myself avoiding them, but this dress has it all for March weather. The oversized jumper top is super soft and warm, with the bottom skirt and tulle adding the extra girly factor, add some tights and its the perfect wardrobe addition.

The weekdays are always a little hectic when we get home in the evening, as there is never much time between dinner, bath and bedtime, but last night we had dress up play and she twirled to her hearts content.