It’s been a bad day, toddler tantrums #1

Your toddlers screaming, she’s been crying and whiny all day long and it just feels like it will never end. You hold your head in your hands and ask “what am I doing wrong”

From the moment she’s woken up you haven’t stopped, every demand is met every tear is wiped and every outburst is calmed down. It’s still non stop. You can’t leave the sofa without a meltdown, you go out and the tantrums continue, but now in public eyes.

The day just feels never ending.

You feel useless, and need a good cry behind a closed door and probably doubt yourself as a parent because let’s face it after a day of screaming everything feels 50 times worse.

Truth is, when this happens we never sit and ask ourselves what we are doing right. Your whole emotional stability turns on it’s head when your little one has a bad day, and us parents doubt ourselves in the process.

Toddlers have bad days, everyone has bad days, and if you need to take a minute out to have a cry or just to calm down, do it. It’s not failing, it’s not being a bad parent it’s being human. Having someone scream and cry all day long at you will take the wind out of anyone.

Remember tomorrow will be a better day, and you’ve had so many better days before.

Your toddler needs these days to release their emotions and built up frustrations, and it’s not frustrations with us, it’s with everything new they experience. It’s a big world for such a small person.

You got this.

I should of known it was going to be a bad day for me from waking to up to Lola telling me I had a ‘fat belly’…oh the joys of children!

What’s your coping strategy for bad days? Get in touch and let us know.

Happy reading x


  • fabulousread

    I believe distraction works in our case – most of the times. If she has a really bad day, I try to be toxic with my positivity and encouragement. It doesn’t work always and it takes so much energy so by the evening I can’t keep my eyes open. I have tried to sit her own my lap, hold her and talk to her about her feelings – it doesn’t always work. I think there isn’t a single answer but I think we are all doing the best we can. The tantrums are less and less dramatic and we can talk about it now. I am able to cry in the bathroom after a hard day though – it does help me to release my frustration and stress. Another lovely post, Chloe! Thank you for sharing!