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Starting school, and a mothers heartache

It dawned on me the other day that my daughter will be starting school next September, and I could literally cry thinking about it.

Even choosing a school is enough to start a migraine, how on earth do I decide? Is there a good school close by? What are the teachers like? What will the other children be like? Do I travel further for a better school? Ugh, I think I need a paracetamol.

My main worry is that she won’t like it, she’s been at the same Nursery for a long time now and it took her a while to settle there. I know it’s an exciting time and I should stop being so selfish and deal with it but she’s my little baby, she’s too small for school.

I have friends who’s little ones have started school and I know how hard it was for them too, it’s a big step and a big change for everyone. For Mother’s it’s more the realisation that your baby isn’t a baby anymore, and that’s what really hurts your heart! We want them to stay little forever and school means they’re turning into big boys and girls now. We want to hold them close and always protect them, but for five days a week your trust will be in someone else.

I know she will be fine, I’m just not ready for her to be so grown up! What will I do without my Friday buddy?!

How did you cope with your child starting school?