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16 things my toddler thinks.

Toddlers are hilarious, they really don’t care that they are pointing and shouting about someone’s ‘strange’ clothes or ‘weird’ hair, much to parents joy as we shush and pull them along. They are brutally but refreshingly honest, one little girl once told me she didn’t like my eyebrows and you know, now I look back at pictures – I hate them too!

They are very versatile and unpredictable – quite frankly a little frightening. I wonder what they think about?

16 thoughts of my toddler:-

  1. Mum told me not to do it, I’m going to do it.
  2. Mum told me not to touch it, I’m going to touch it.
  3. My bolognaise finger prints look good on the wall.
  4. I don’t want to wear pants today.
  5. If I want to run nude around the house when guests are there, I will.
  6. If I keep repeating lolly, I will get a lolly.
  7. Mum looks cross, if I give her my big smile she will crack.
  8. Mum knows I don’t really need to go toilet now I’ve sat here for half an hour after bed time, I’ll give her the thumbs up.
  9. I’ll just climb in bed with mum and dad, they wont mind.
  10. I’m no baby, I don’t need sleep
  11. If I sit really quiet they will forget I’m here and not send me bed.
  13. Even if it DOES take an hour longer, I want to do it myself!
  14. What?! I have to eat all my vegetables before pudding? What kind of prison is this?!
  15. I will dress like a princess, all day. Even to go shopping.
  16. I’ll just leave that trail of crumbs on the floor, then I can find my way back to the fridge.

I know my toddler thinks ALL of the above! Aren’t they just angels.

Happy reading

Chloe x