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A letter to my daughter – grow to love yourself.

To my little girl,

You’ve recently started saying and doing things that I never knew you could, your hair is past your shoulders and your going into the next shoe size up. Your growing too quick for my heart to deal with. You’ve starting sneaking off with my makeup and wearing my jewellery, it’s scary watching you transform into a mini me!

I’m selfish yes. I want you to stay my little baby forever, where I can protect you from everything and keep you safe but how I love watching you turn into the amazing little person you are.

Your heart is so big and at two and a half years old I can see how kind you are, how you hate to see others upset or hurt, how you hold my hand if ever I’m down.

If I could teach you one thing to keep with you forever is to learn to love yourself. I want you to always know how special you are, how beautiful and clever you are, how you are our entire world.

So, to you my darling

The first time you look in the mirror and ask yourself if your pretty enough. – Yes, you are. Not only are you beautiful in the mirror, but your beautiful on the inside too. Everyone that loves you thinks you are perfect.

The first time you step on scales and worry about your weight – Numbers on scales don’t change the person you are, your kind happy heart will forever shine through.

The first time you don’t want to leave the house without makeup – We’ve all been there, well I certainly have. I want you to enjoy makeup, but don’t hide behind it. Embrace your natural beauty, you will never ‘need’ to wear it.

The first time you feel you need to ‘change yourself’ – You won’t ever need to change, I never want you to change. Don’t change for other people either, always be you. You will always be beautiful and the most amazing gift to us.

When your old enough, I will share this letter with you. You’ll more then likely laugh that I had these worries when you were just a toddler, but I want you to know.

We love you always xx

I can’t help but get so frustrated with certain celebrities that are role models to children and teenagers, and forever lie about how they look the way they do. If you’ve had cosmetic surgery and say you haven’t, don’t you think teenagers are going to wonder why they can’t naturally look that way? It’s so hard to protect children from criticising theirselves with the world we live in now, but I will certainly do my very best! I never want to imagine my daughter hating something about herself.

As a parent I don’t think a single day goes by where we don’t worry about something to do with our children.

What worries you the most about your children growing up?

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Happy reading

Chloe x