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Dealing with Toddler Attitude. Toddler Tantrums #2

Have you noticed your little angel has slightly more sass than usual? Who am I kidding, not sass – Just damn right ATTITUDE. They don’t like their clothes, they don’t like their hair, they don’t want to tell you about their day. Like jheeze… sorry I asked! They even GROWL now! Or is that just my child?

I was in the middle of telling my little madam off the other day, and half way through she walked up to me, looked me in the eyes and said
“Nope not talking to you anymore” and walked off! What the hell?! She doesn’t even string full sentences together most of the time but yeah sure this one was crystal clear. Now considering I was actually sat on the toilet and I was telling her off for rolling toilet paper down the hallway… there wasn’t a lot I could really do.

I will hold my hands up in shame – me being, well me I responded “well I’m not talking to you either” 23 years old and having a playground argument with my two year old – whilst sitting on the loo. I didn’t see my life going this way.

I have to admit, that was a new one, but she does have some firm favourites she likes to use:-

  • Go away, leave me alone (mainly to her dad)
  • You stink of poo (dad again)
  • No you go get it!

I get it though, their little heads are so full up with exciting new things that some times its too much, and they just want to burst. Just like when we’ve had tough days at work, I’m sure they have tough days at nursery or school. That extra bit tired, or that kid that stood on their foot, you never know what’s made them a grumpy bum.

Frustration and independence play a huge factor in toddler tantrums, they want to be able to do everything and when they can’t its like the whole world has come crashing down – hence the crying fits, throwing things etc.

I can deal with a bit of back chat now and then because overall she’s a good girl. Her manners are great, and she is well behaved a lot of the time, so I put it down to just having a hard life at 2 years old.

Don’t you find it so hard not to laugh when they have a meltdown???

Have you had to deal with attitude and tantrums lately? What methods help you through it?

Happy Reading.

Chloe xx