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Surviving the monthly cold, with Snuffle Babe

You know the score, a few coughs and sneezes – another bloody cold. Surely not? The last ones only just gone??! Words oh so familiar in our house hold.

With Lola in Nursery the winter months are always pretty rough, she picks up a lot, as do most kids in Nursery and school. Unfortunately, our adorable little angels just can’t seem to keep germs to themselves and insist on sneezing and coughing all over anyone close enough.

Most parents will agree how hard it is every time your child picks a virus up, especially if they are too poorly for Nursery or are up half of the night, especially when you have to get up for work the following day or try to arrange some kind of care for them.

I’m always on the hunt for remedies to make Lola feel a little less uncomfortable, a while ago we came across Snuffle Babe after being recommended it by a friend. It’s a vapour rub which we first used just on her chest at night to clear her nose. Now I’m not usually one to try old wives tales but, have you heard of rubbing Vix on your feet before bed when your full of cold? I never believed it could work and I luckily haven’t had a cold for a while either to try it out!


However…. I started to get a little desperate. Lola was so uncomfortable at night, waking every half hour, she was exhausted and so was I. So I gave it a try – Snuffle Babe rubbed onto the soles of her feet, socks on and a dose of Calpol just before bed. It worked a treat. She didn’t wake up once, and she was so much happier after having a full nights sleep.

I continue to use that as my routine now when she’s full of cold and she’s always so much better through the night.

Don’t ask me how or why – I have no idea!

Some of you will read this and probably think what?? she’s a little on the crazy side, but it worked for me.

If you don’t want to do the feet thing Snuffle Babe is still a great product to use on your little ones chest to help ease the congestion.

What’s your cold remedy for your children?

Happy reading,

Chloe xx

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