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Sorry I haven’t washed my hair for a week.

Sorry hubby that my hair needs washing, I haven’t showered today and I appear to have forgot where my make up bag is.

Sorry shop lady that when I hand you money I no long have beautifully manicured nails, that they are short and plain – and well, a little bit ugly.

Sorry friends that I don’t come out much anymore, and when I do I’m home by 11.

Sorry mum that I showed up to dinner in my sweats and a unwashed mum bun.

Sorry work that I showed up today with big bags under my eyes and couldn’t concentrate on a single thing.


I’m not sorry that the two hours I could of spent showering, doing my hair and makeup I spent reading books with my daughter.

I’m not sorry that the £20 I’d of spent on nails I bought toys for my daughter instead.

I’m not sorry that I enjoy my weekends at home now, having quality family time away from the hustle and bustle of work.

I’m not sorry for showing up in sweats as I spent an hour getting my daughter in a beautiful dress and ready for dinner instead.

I’m not sorry for spending the night awake comforting my daughter.

Don’t be sorry for not being the ‘perfect’ you. You see my messy hair, bags under my eyes and overall silly face – is a picture I would of never in a million years of posted. It’s the baggage that comes with parenthood and I’m ready to embrace it!

It’s not letting yourself go, it’s changing priorities.

How have you changed since becoming a parent? Which personal needs do you put to one side?

Happy reading – I’m off to wash my hair.

Chloe xx