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Life through the eyes of a child

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily routine as a parent. The washing, the cleaning, work, oh and keeping that tiny human alive because let’s face it – they do dumb stuff a lot.

Do you ever wish you could look at things the way you did when you was a child again? When your biggest problems were when you were getting your next lollipop, or when you could go and feed the ducks again.

As great as it would be we can’t just decide to stop doing the cleaning and cooking, or just chuck dirty clothes on the floor instead of washing them, the house would fall apart.

I set myself a task for the last week, to see life through my child’s eyes. I wanted to remember my life before I had responsibilities, before I became a woman that just wants to sleep a lot.

So I watched Lola, it was… interesting to say the least.

They don’t care where they fart – we sat in the dentist waiting room (which was deadly silent may I add) the receptionist was near by and there was probably 4 other people sat there. She let out the biggest fart ever. It didn’t stop there. She went on to shout to the whole room (giggling) “I JUST FARTED.

They throw the biggest tantrums over nothing – this taught me to NEVER EVER give a kid black-current juice when they want orange. Don’t get me wrong I can still throw a good tantrum, Jack can tell you all about that, but I don’t think I’d get away with something so small.

They don’t mind staring – This is one that I miss, you know when you really want to keep staring at someone but you can’t because we clearly know it’s rude, well kids don’t care. They will stare at people until their eyes bleed (and point) and no amount of “stop staring and pointing” ever stops it.

They can eat and eat and eat – My god it never ends! And I bloody hate it, I want to eat and eat still and not care but you know the whole ‘moment on the lips, forever on the hips’. Last Saturday she had 2 breakfasts, a banana, then a yogurt, then lunch, crisps, fruit pot, chocolate, another yogurt, dinner (2 portions) pudding and begged for more food after. I had to draw the line there. I feel guilty after a cheeky kebab once a month.

They don’t feel the need to sleep – this is the biggest change from a child to adult. I’ve noticed kids DO NOT want to sleep, whether it be bedtime, nap time just general YOU NEED TO HAVE A SLEEP moments, they don’t want to miss a thing. For me now, I’d pay someone to do everything I needed to do so I could nap, I’d go bed at 7pm and not wake up until 11am. Only thing I’m missing out on is sleep!

They see the joy and happiness in everything – It comes with having no worries, seeing the joy in the world. I miss that from being a child, in the world we live in it’s sometimes hard to see the happiness, but children do. Watching Lola I see how the smallest things make her happy – a plane in the sky, a little duckling swimming, being able to run round in a field.

Why don’t you watch your child carefully for a week and see how they see things and remember how you saw them too. Embrace your inner child, even just for a week.

Happy reading!

Chloe xx