Weekend thrills #2

Another weekend over too quick.

I just love the weekends. As I don’t work Fridays mine pretty much start Thursday night.

Me and Lola spend the whole day together on Fridays, this week we took a walk to see the horses nearby to where we live, she loves to watch them.

She had her trusty camera with her (just like mum) which you can purchase from Two Little LadiesOutfit - Zara

When we got home we got the paddling pool out, she stripped off and got in with all her barbies – she was more then happy to stay there all afternoon. I kind of wish I could still strip off and jump in a pool on hot days. I doubt the neighbours would appreciate.

She had a dentist appointed which she gets strangely excited for and when Jack got home he treated us to a lovely afternoon meal at Pestos in Desford. Lola decided to scream her head off when her dad decided to try some of her ice cream! The restaurant loved us!

We had more painting and decorating to finish on Saturday (well Jack did) me and Lola managed to escape for a while to my mums so she could have a little play on the trampoline, and we finally went KITCHEN SHOPPING! We grabbed some great bits from Next, Dunelm and Sainsbury’s – All will be revealed soon! We spent a lot of the day upstairs out of dads way, playing, tidying her room and trying to stop her stealing my makeup!

Sunday was such a chilled day for us, we had a lazy morning in bed (well we got to 8am until I was forced to get up), had breakfast and Lola went to the park with her Dad so I could tidy the house up.

Jack cooked us a lovely roast dinner, which Lola decided to she didn’t want to touch at all. Instead she decided she wanted to squash all of the gravy into her hands and laugh hysterically at herself.

MY GOD it’s so hard not to laugh at her.

An overall quiet weekend for us! How was your weekend? Did you manage to get up to much?

Happy Reading x

Chloe xx