Neon Room Light Review – With Ginger Snap

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I just can’t seem to stop buying new products for Lola’s bedroom. We’re in danger of being overcrowded with accessories soon! I just can’t resist.

However, the room still lacks a decent little night lamp for Lola, she’s growing out of the tiny Peppa Pig night light she’s had for two years now, and she’s not comfortable going to bed in a pitch black room – neither am I!

So when Get Ginger Snap got in touch asking if we would like to review one of their new neon desk lamps, we had to give it a try! I was a little unsure about how suitable these would be for Lola, how big it was going to be and whether it’s safe enough for her room. We tried it out today and I’m really impressed with the whole package, from setting it up, to the size, to the brightness level.

Our lamp arrived secure in this box, upon opening it looked a little technical (for me anyway) but I had a quick glance at the instructions I knew exactly how it all went together, and it literally took me 5 seconds.

The tubes fit straight into the base, and with an adapter included all you need to do it plug it in. You have the option to use batteries (4x AAA) but they don’t recommend use it that way, you will get the best experience with the lamp plugged in.

We put it straight onto Lola’s main cabinet, the rose gold base is so pretty and fits in with her room décor, you can also get wooden bases and a couple of other colours with different styled lamps. We chose Pink Heart for our styled lamp to fit in with her girly room, you can also find Flamingo lamps, stars, rainbows and lots more.

It was the perfect size, not too big and not too small and it lets off just the right amount of pink light – we had one before and it blinded you when you turned it on, let alone trying to get a toddler to sleep with it on! I like the fact that it doesn’t seem to get warm, I worry about lamps and lights that get hot in places that Lola can get to, but we left it on for about 20 minutes today and it didn’t get warm at all. Which is perfect for a child that just has to touch!

An overall really pretty and handy accessory for Lola’s bedroom and I would definitely recommend! – Go for the flamingo! Here’s a couple of different designs you can get from Ginger Snap

Happy Reading!

Chloe xx

*Disclosure – I was sent this product for free in return for honest and accurate reviews, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products I feel suitable for my readers.