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Bringing Magic To Your Home – With The Fairy Nice Trading Company

I’m so excited to share with you all that we are now proud ambassadors of the Fairy Nice Trading Company

If you are looking to truly bring magic into your home, this is the place you need to be. Once you receive your Fairy Door it doesn’t just stop there, you have the chance to get involved with the Fairy Circle which gives you absolutely tonnes of ideas of how to keep the magic going as your children get older, different scenes you can play outside your door – the list is endless. Caroline works so hard not just in the process of creating these amazing products, but also aftercare. Keeping everyone involved is something she is clearly good at and I must say she never looses character! Everything is just completely magical – I’ve started to think of her as my personal fairy!

We recently received our Fairy Nice Trading parcel, I can honestly say I have never seen a product packaged so beautifully, there is not a single detail left out. I unwrapped the parcel until I was met with a white box personalised to Fairy Nice Trading,  its a beautiful little keepsake box too.

I went on to unwrap glittery tissue paper until I got to our fairy door, pink (one of Lola’s favourite colours) and flowers (my favourite), a beautiful pink post box and a little envelope addressed to Lola.

I’ve received fairy doors in the past and I’ve even made them myself, but nothing compares to the detail on these, from the tiny door knocker, to the letter box and even a little crystal door knob. I felt like a child again myself.

You can set these up to however suits you, I decided to add a pink backdrop, pieces of grass on either side which you can purchase from Hobby Craft and a print out of a stone path for the centre. I positioned mine on a shelf ready for Lola to come home and see, I’m keeping mine flexible so I can move things around to what suits at the time (don’t worry I’ve explained to Lola that the fairies can sometimes disappear for a while and come back when she needs them).

We got a hands over the mouth and “wooooowww” when she came home and saw it all set up. Bearing in mind she’s only two, the first thing she did was knock on the door and called “fairies” SO CUTE. she went on to open her letter by the door, which to my surprise we found the tiniest and cutest fair door key. Watching her trying to open the door with the key was so cute.

The best thing about these doors is The Fairy Nice Trading Company have EVERYTHING for every set up possible. From birthday sets, gardening, holidays and Christmas, you can create any scene you want. (plus everything is so tiny it’s just mega cute) I was so excited to create our first proper scene, I decided to get straight in there with the gardening set, which you receive:-

  • Flower’s
  • Tools (rake, spade etc.)
  • Plant pot
  • Deckchair
  • Garden Knomes
  • Wellies
  • Watering can

We also received a wheel barrow as part of an offer that was online at the time, we had so much fun with this set, Lola absolutely loved it. Don’t forget they now have BRAND NEW products online, and our beautiful fairy door is one of them!

Check out what’s NEW IN!

Dummy Fairy Kit

Garden Flower Arch

Fairy Table and Chairs

Why not bring a little magic into your home? Visit to get started on your little ones magical adventure.

Happy Reading x

*Disclosure – I was sent this fairy door for free as part of joining Fairy Nice Trading Ambassadors, all opinions are my own.


  • Estelle

    What a delightful read, I love your set up. The pink door is so pretty. I can see you and your daughter having so much fun together! ✨ Xx