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10 Lessons I Learnt From Having My First Child.

You find out your pregnant and what’s the first thing you do? Head straight to the shop and buy something as tiny and cute as possible.

You find out your having a girl, you get out there and grab everything pink.

Now these weren’t around when I was pregnant but I imagine now when you also find out the gender, you just HAVE to get a gender reveal balloon! – I secretly still really want to do this.

Finding out you’re pregnant is just the beginning of a crazy yet amazing experience, your first pregnancy is always the hardest, because you do question if you are doing things right, or compare yourself to others. Having Lola has definitely taught me some lessons for the next time round!

My 10 Lessons Learnt From Having My First Child.

No, you do not need to biggest and most expensive pram.
Ok this is a very important step with your first born, the all important pram – its has to be brand new, it has to be top of the range and it has the be the best. God I sound like I’m about to have pram wars with other mums. I did unfortunately fall into this category and we went foran iCandy pushchair which cost roughly about £1000. It was used probably about 6 times, then shoved in the attic. Her £50 stroller had more use. Never again.

You don’t need to pack the entire house for your hospital bag.
I had enough outfits for me and Lola for a two week stay! We only lived 10 minutes from the hospital as well so I could of easily had things brought to me – can’t lie though I loved packing all, all the brand new baby clothes, brand new pyjamas for me (what a waste, like they were going to stay clean?!) Slippers, books, snacks, nappies wipes. I forget what else, but there were a hell of a lot of unessential things, I was only there for 12 hours!

Your baby will aim for you.
You’ve just cleaned their cute squidgy bums, your reaching for a clean nappy and BAM they’ve fired a poo and wee missile at you before you even know what’s happened. Lesson one, don’t ever underestimate their firing power, lesson two if you can, wear a mask.

You should NEVER claim you are tired before you’ve had a baby.
If I could go back in time and stop myself every time I said I was tired I would, because it wasn’t true. I now know the actual meaning of being tired and the effects it has on my body and brain. When my 14 year old brothers tells me he’s tired I literally laugh out loud at him and tell him to stop being so ridiculous. I’m so mean!!!!! BUT IM TIRED TOO!!!

I should of got this sooner!
My Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, White was my absolute lifesaver, all parents differ but I honestly don’t think my marriage would of gone ahead without this machine. It took so much pressure of me at nighttime after I finished breastfeeding, waiting for a bottle to cool down at 3am was horrendous especially with a crying starving baby who wanted feeding right there and then! This took 2 minutes to make a bottle at the perfect temperature, which meant no more crying at 3am (and that was just me).

Naps are not to be messed with

This couldn’t be truer, those first few weeks when you thinking “aw I miss her lets wake her up. DONT DO IT. Never. ever again. You know the saying never wake a sleeping baby – its very VERY true. Lets face it, do we like being woken from naps/sleep (when we get some)? No we don’t, so we cant really blame them. This also goes for moving nap times in any way, my daughters response was pretty much well if your going to mess with my sleep I’m going to mess with yours… YIKES. Don’t forget aswell when they get old enough to stop having naps you will be praying for them back again.

Your partner will drive you a little crazy
You will 100% loose you head with your partner after having a baby and he will probably annoy the crap out of you every day because your tired and sick of having a baby hanging off your nipple.  Just don’t be too hard on each other, because it wont be long before you work out how to get through the day as a team and it will be a breeze. Ok… Maybe not a breeze but it will be easier than before! Everything just takes a little bit of time to adjust. Don’t forget us women have this beautiful bundle of joys in our arms the partners can sometimes feel a bit neglected – but they wont admit that. Be sure to always take time out for you and your partner, even if its just a walk around the block whilst a grandparent watches your baby, even that 5 minutes of quality time can mean the world.

You DONT have to go to baby classes

I didn’t go to a single baby class, and guess what... Lola’s perfectly normal. Sure I felt like I was being judged when people asked,

“oh didnt you do the class on weaning?”

“Didn’t you go to baby group about breastfeeding?”

Nah I didn’t hun. *Cue Disgusted look*

It wasn’t because I just point blank didn’t want to, my social anxiety reared its head after having Lola and looking back now I noticed that I didn’t like to leave the house with her alone, just us two. I still kind of hate it, but more because she tries to run away and knocks stuff off shelves in the shop etc. I also didn’t want to be forced into doing something a certain way and feeling bad about myself when it didn’t work out. I was happy with the advice and support I had from my family and friends, don’t get me wrong these are great for meeting other new mums and the social side of things, but it just wasn’t for me.

You can’t be good cop all the time.
You want to be the perfect parent, but you also want to be loving and cuddly all of the time, and its just not possible. We just cant physically be that kind parent every single day, especially as they hit toddler years. You will have days where you shout, feel guilty, cry, cuddle and then do it all over again the next day. I’ve learnt that my daughter needs my bad cop side too or she becomes a bit of a wild animal. I think I’m having a nice few days but you can slowly see her creeping and pushing her boundaries, because she knows that Mum is good cop today, sorry kiddo bad cop is back in the building! Imagine if we never said no and never shouted? They would run bloody RIOT. Oh my God the house would be covered in poo and they would probably end up eating Lego.

Your life will change completely
This was the biggest lesson having my first child taught me, and probably the one I was most scared of too. Are you ever really ready for someone to tell you your life’s about to change forever? Your priorities, routine and even friendships will change after having a baby. You will adapt in ways you never knew you could but you wont look back. Its kind of weird, but in a good way. Can you actually remember your life before having your child? Would you change it? No way (except maybe having more sleep and not having to share food) Ha I’m joking. Well kind of.

My child taught me to not be selfish, and to give and love more then I ever did before.

Who knew babies could teach us life lessons?!

Happy Reading x

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