5 Tips To Help You Sleep Better At Night

Do you ever feel like you have spent the entire day trying to keep your eyes open, but then you get into bed and your wide awake? Or maybe you felt yourself drifting off at your desk at work but then tossed and turned in bed for hours?

It seems like a lot of people feel the same way.

| 16 million prescriptions for sleeping tablets are made every year in the UK |

It’s really frustrating, even more tiring and just really bloody annoying. I know some days I’ve got home and literally can’t move for the rest of the night because I’m so exhausted – yet I get in bed and my mind goes into overdrive.

I’ve done a bit of research and even tried these myself, My 5 top tips to help you sleep better at night:-

  • Dim the lights – You want to start winding down about an hour – two before bed and sitting with a beaming light in your face like its the middle of the day wont help (it probably wont help for headaches either)! Switch that big light off and opt in for a lamp.
  • Don’t overdo the lie-ins or late nights – Try and stick to as much of a schedule as you can, just like a baby! You don’t want to be getting up at 6am in the week and then staying in bed until 11am at the weekends – as nice as its sounds. Your body clock needs the routine, and yes this includes NO day napping! Sorry guys.
  • No alcohol or heavy meals late at night – Now this one is tricky and it’s one I still do myself because lets face it, when the kids are in bed what are the mums heading for? THE WINE.  So maybe we can just stick to the food bit.
  • Keep your room cool – Your body temperature drops slightly when your falling asleep, which according to experts actually helps you fall sleep quicker. You want your room to be cool and dark every night for the best chance at falling sleep quicker.
  • Cut down on the caffeine – A no brainer really. You certainly shouldn’t drink any kind of caffeine before bed but you should actually try and cut down on the amount you drink during the day too. If your a mad tea or coffee person and your going through about 10 cups a day, this may be preventing you from falling sleep at night.


Or maybe just reading this might do the trick and send you sleep?!

Happy Reading x