Weekend Thrills #3

Ok so the title could be a little exaggerated, it may not of been full of thrills (as it involved leaving the house once to go to a garden centre) but it was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while.

After a chaotic bank holiday weekend at the start of May I decided to make absolutely no plans for this one. It was so good. Not having to be ready for anywhere on time and just going with the flow.

We spent Friday and Saturday sorting the house out, playing and just lounging around to be honest! We were expecting thunderstorms all weekend too – which never happened! I was fuming I put off hanging the washing out all weekend!

We decided Sunday was the perfect day to sort the garden out. Jack went off to Asda and got the basic bits we needed:-

Lola was so excited – she had been doing a bit of planting at Nursery a few weeks ago.

If you got round to reading Our Seasonal Goals – Spring you’ll know that gardening was on my to do list. – That’s one ticked off. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did, I’m not a mad gardener, not a fan of bugs and always thought the idea was a little boring, but it needed doing. It was actually a lot of fun.

I know – me and Lola couldn’t have been any more over dressed for gardening if we tried! We were ready to leave for my mums house before Jack got back!

We took a trip down to Wyevale Garden Centre to get the rest of our flowers, I cant believe how much better the garden looks already!

Happy Reading x