6 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

I’ve always been strong believer in date nights, I think after you have children it is so important to still take that time for you and your partner away from stress and children, just to focus on each other. Obviously that’s a lot easier said then done, but it does need to be done. We all need more quality time with our partners, that’s not, you know like washing up or something.

You may not want to leave your children, your children may not want to leave you, or you may just really struggle for childcare in the evening. There are so many factors which make going out a lot harder once we have children, – but why go out when you can do date night at home?!

10 home date night ideas that you can try.

1. A good old home cooked dinner.
And not with the kids! Wait until they are in bed and the pair of you can cook your favourite meal together, maybe make your own pizza?, set up some candles and blankets and just make it a real romantic treat. Have your wine and glasses on the table ready, and phones AWAY.
2. Warm Evening Garden Picnic
I love sitting outside with a glass of wine when its still warm out in the evening. You want to get lots of snacks and nibbles and a big blanket to sit on outside, and talk to each other about your day, lets face it you probably haven’t had chance to yet and without the TV as a distraction you’ll get chance to have some proper quality time together.
3. Play a game
Have a laugh together! My favourite choice of game has to be charades because Jacks so bloody bad at it I’m always crying with laughter. Play a funny game, a board game whatever suits you best.
4. Have a Spa Night
Now ladies, this will all depends on how responsive your partner is to have a face mask on etc. I know some may possibly not be that happy about it! But if you can, have a little spa night together, refresh your skin, give each other massages etc.
5. Find your Favourite Pictures
Have you got numerous photo albums stored away that never get looked at? Well its time to drag them all out and go through your memories together. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you’ve actually forgot about and what you’ve done over the years together.
6. Have a bath together 
It’s normally you squeezed in the kids bath on a daily basis, but for your date night your going to get in the bubbles with your partner, and have a chilled, relaxing bath together. Get some music on (quietly so you don’t wake the kids), grab some wine and just enjoy quiet time together.
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