6 Tips for Baking with Toddlers

When it comes to baking I have slight OCD, I want them to look as pretty and perfect as possible, which doesn’t tend to happen when you bake with a toddler. They want to mix by themselves, which results in half of the contents being spilt over the side, they want to put the icing on as soon as the cakes come out the oven, which means runny and watery icing. BUT they absolutely love it, it gives them a chance to be creative and independent at home.

I recently did some baking with Lola, she was so excited not only to make them but to eat them too of course – 6 in one go! Here’s some of my top tips for baking with a little one:-


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Get them their own equipment.

Especially if baking is something you do at home a lot, our utensils are sometimes a bit big for tiny hands and results in them taking longer and getting frustrated. They will feel like proper little chefs with their own baking sets!

Let them be in charge

Kids absolutely love it when they think they are in charge of anything, I mixed the ingredients for a few minutes and then told Lola I couldn’t do it anymore and she could do it better. I’ve never seen her move so fast! Her main job that she always looks forward to is being in charge of putting the stickers on the top.

Find products they are excited about.

Let’s face it, if they were normal cupcakes and didn’t have Elsa and Olaf plastered all over them Lola wouldn’t be half as interested. Try to pick their favourite theme, whether it be princesses, cars, butterflies you can find so many different ones these days. Even animal themed biscuits are a big hit at the moment.

Praise, Praise, Praise

Toddlers love nothing more then mum or dad telling them how delicious they’re creations are. Lots of Mmmmmms and yummy! will make them proud of what they’ve made and want to do more.

Don’t stress about the mess

Yes they will spill half of the ingredients, they will probably throw some at you too and they might pour the mixture straight onto the baking tray rather than in the cupcake holders, but they’re exploring and trying their best. Its nice to let go for an hour or so and let them get a little bit messy – you can leave the kitchen for later.

If they want to eat all of their cakes, let them! 

I mean unless you’ve made a batch of like 20 then maybe not… but the last thing they want to hear after all that hard work is oh just have one and save the rest for later. I’ve tried that and Lola looked utterly disgusted.

She wanted to eat 6 of them and save two for her sister and dad, and I wasn’t particularly keen so they needed eating! (I only allowed this because she’s really good with her food and will sit down for dinner no matter what, and usually snacks on fruit all day, so this was a nice treat for her.


If you don’t want to use the normal packet cakes from the supermarket Pinterest has some amazing ideas and recipes for cooking with young children.


You can watch some of the baking we did on our Friday at home together.

Happy reading!


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