Plan your Perfect Garden Party

Planning to throw a party this summer in your garden? There’s nothing better than bringing out the barbecue, inviting your friends and family and having a relaxing day in the sun. If you are planning to throw a party this summer, here are some of the things you will want to do.

1)Food and Drink

The main event of any garden party is the food you serve to everyone who arrives. Food for a garden party should be simple and fun, and light so that everyone can eat it easily in the heat. Think about breaking out your barbecue and cooking up some burgers, sausages, and chicken. Aside from all of this you can prepare a Greek salad, bring out some hummus and other dips with chips, and think about fresh fruit for a sweet treat. The drinks will be simple and you can simply fill up a wheelbarrow with ice cubes and then fill that with bottles of beer, bottles of wine and juice for the kids.

2) Comfort

It is super important that you make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit in the garden during the summer. You might have decks or a patio to seat everyone for the day and this will be ideal. If not, you can bring the party onto the lawn with a table and chairs. Make sure to provide cushions for anyone who has back issues and ensure that everyone has enough space to stretch their legs.
3) Theme?

If you want to make your party stand out from the other barbecues everyone will hold this summer, you can come up with a theme. Have some fun with choosing a theme and think if there are any events coming up that will suit a garden party. Many people in the UK held street parties for the royal wedding, but you can also celebrate things like July 4th with a patriotic garden party. You can even think about having a football themed party for the world cup. You can make a football shaped cake, serve lots of beer and lots of match day foods like wings and nachos. A theme can be super fun and, depending on the theme you choose, you could make everyone dress up too!

4) Decorate

This part of the day will either be your favorite or least favorite, but decorating is a huge part of bringing your party together. You can hang balloons in the air, scatter glitter on the table and bring props like palm leaves and other summer stickers into your space. You can also hang some bunting on your washing line for a cute cottage feel, and then set up some games on the lawn for the kids and the adults too. Make the place feel inviting and like a celebration right off the bat.

5) Add Light

If you plan to hold the party in the afternoon and into the evening, a great idea would be to hang some solar powered lights on your washing line or up high. Once the sun sets, the lights will start to glow and your garden party will feel magical and wonderful. If you have a chiminea you can bring this into the garden too ready for when the sun goes out and the temperature lowers.

6) Clean Up The Garden

If you are going to be holding a party in your garden, you will want to make sure that the garden is looking it’s best when your guests arrive! Think about cleaning out any weeds which are in your flower beds, planting some flowers such as pansies, and pruning your shrubs to make them feel tidy. Finish off by watering the garden and mowing the lawn to make your guests feel welcome and allow them to enjoy your space.

7) Keep Your Guests Entertained

There are several things you can do during your summer party to keep everyone entertained. The first and most obvious thing to bring into the garden is a speaker. Play some great music for the afternoon while everyone mingles. Apart from this, you can bring some other games into the garden if you have the space to. For example, you could have a small water slide or pool set up for the kids, and then you can bring in some sports day style games to have a laugh while you wait for your food. You can have a sack race, egg and spoon race, make an obstacle course which includes sliding down the water slide, and then a race too. Have fun and make the day into a summer holiday.

8) Sweet Treats

You can finish off a wonderful day out in the sun with a great dessert for everyone who came over. One brilliant idea would be to bring out some homemade ice cream along with some cones, sprinkles, chocolate, and sauces so that everyone can make their own perfect ice cream cone to enjoy in the sun. It will be a fun activity and the perfect way to finish off a summer garden party.

9) Presentation

To amp up your presentation when it comes to the food, you can lay out a few of your items on the table before you cook the meat on the grill. A plate with a small bowl of hummus can be filled with chips. You can have a nacho tray with metal cheese, guacamole and salsa dolloped on top. You can also make a fruit platter look impressive by placing everything in color order to make a rainbow. If you want a garden party worthy of Instagram, this is the ideal way to do it.

Making a great garden party can be pretty easy to do, and with some creative flair, you can make the most simple spread look like something from a royal banquet. Just remember to have lots of fun, serve plenty of food and drink and just go with the flow, that’s what summer is all about.

Happy Reading x

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