Wymeswold Fruit Farm

For about a month now I’ve been banging on to Jack about wanting to go strawberry picking, not only because of all the super cute pictures I’ve been seeing on Instagram but because we literally go through so much fruit each week. We’re lucky really that Lola loves fruit, there no forcing, bribing or anything like that involved, she just genuinely loves fruit.

I think he got so sick of hearing me say “can we go strawberry picking today” that he finally got up and took us. Whining does really work.

There are a few fruit picking farms close to us but we decided to visit Wymeswold Fruit Farm as it’s the closest one (15 min drive) just incase Lola decided it wasn’t her thing and decided to kick up a fuss.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I knew it would be good but I mean how good can picking fruit actually be? Turns out… a lot! It was so relaxed and chilled and we just took a wonder round hunting down the biggest strawberries.

It was so busy but once you were on the field there wasn’t anyone really in close proximity to you which was nice (nothing worse then being shuffled out the way quick like in a topshop sale)

Lola is also really scared of any kind of bugs/insects so I wasn’t sure how she would be in a field pulling strawberries off plants, but she actually seemed to completely forget about it and was straight in there.

We filled an entire basket and it cost us £6.50! Sorry Asda I know where I’ll be going for my berries from now on!

I’d definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get out the house for even just an hour without spending a fortune.

Happy reading x