Why I’m Scared to have Baby Number 2.

First and foremost, no I’m not pregnant.
I just had to get that out there before I start getting missed calls from my mum and mother in law, oh and probably my husband.

I do want another child at some point, and its a real strange feeling now that I already have a child… if that makes sense. With my first pregnancy I think you get over the worries pretty quickly because the excitement just want’s to pour out of you and your not fully aware of everything that’s going to happen, which believe me, is a good thing.

This time round, thinking about having another child, my head has kind of gone into overdrive.

The pain.

Yes you’re told its going to hurt, but you’re not sure how much it will really hurt and by the time you get there you kind of don’t care or your sucking the life out of the gas and air. But HELLO this time I actually KNOW how painful pushing another little person out of me is going to be! I’ll spend a whole 9 months reliving my last labour, probably giving myself nightmares and just generally being a complete wimp, because this time I know what’s coming for me!

I spent 3 days straight on my exercise ball trying to relieve contractions – it was not fun.

The love.

With your first child, comes an overwhelming sense of love, the kind of love you’ve never felt before and wonder if you can ever feel again? Can you love another baby as much as the child in your arms now? You will of course because he/she will be your child, but its a scary thought about how your going to share all this motherly love around equally!

The jealousy.

A slighty nerve racking but exciting one… your first born meeting your second born. You can never really predict how a young child will react to a new baby, it’s a big change to them and they no longer have mums 100% attention. I personally think Lola will be great, I think she will be a pain in the arse trying to help with everything that she cant quite do on her own yet, but I think she’ll love a baby sibling. I’m slightly concerned about her tired moments when she just wants cuddling and carrying, any tips on growing a new arm??

The sleep.

I mean, if you haven’t already noticed, I like to sleep. I feel like we’ve just hit that nice point where I’m slowly starting to get nearly 7 hours sleep a night, which yes I would definitely take more but its better then 3 hours. It actually quite scares me to think about the night feeds and changes. Not to mention the mornings, it’s bad enough with one starfished in the bed, what do you do with two?!

The stuff.

Oh my god, the stuff. The stuff is everywhere. Baby stuff, milk stuff, toy stuff, breast milk stuff. JUST STUFF EVERYWHERE. I remember wanting to pick that stuff up and throw it out the stuffing window last time round. The house was slightly smaller though and I may (may not) be a bit more organised this time round.

The sex.

If anyone can say that they felt really good and sexy during pregnancy in bed, then I salute you. I was quite literally a washed up beach whale, I’m not even sure how Jack dared to come near me.

The wine.

I’m pretty worried about being separated from wine for over 9 months, I didn’t really drink it before my first pregnancy so it wasn’t too bad, but boy after having a child I NEED THAT WINE. The wine gets me through rough evenings. I remember having my first drink after my pregnancy with Lola and I was so drunk after one sip of a vodka and lemonade.

P.s I’m not actually an alcoholic, just enjoy a weekend wine… a lot

So yeah I’m pretty scared about another baby rearing its head from you know where, but I know it will be just as beautiful and special as the first too.

Are you expecting your second child? Were you scared at all?

Have you had a second child recently? Get in touch.

Happy Reading x