What Lola Wore

With the amazing weather we’ve been having here neither mine nor Lola’s jeans have made any kind of appearances the last few weeks, and I’ve kind of missed them!

Lola isn’t always the biggest fan of jeans, unless she’s distracted by something else she will moan constantly about wearing them, until she forgets she’s got them on.

I love her wearing cute jeans and a top for a casual look, I know she’s obsessed with dresses and skirts and basically all things girly, but some days it can be a bit much.

We grabbed a bargain with Lola’s top in the Next Official sale for Just £7! Along with some other great bits we managed to pick up.

Lola’s jeans are from River Island and you can never go wrong with a pair from this shop. The jeans are always soft enough that they don’t annoy or irritate littles ones too much.

And the shoes of course… are trusty Converse which you can pair with almost anything! We always have two pairs handy in different colours because they’re just so easy!

The hair clips are Lola’s own choice today, as she no longer lets me pick her accessories. #boooooo

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Happy Reading x