12 Summer Holiday Day Trips | Midlands

For those of you who are lucky enough to be spending most of the holidays at home entertaining the kiddies, I’m sure you’ll be needing some days out inspo by at least week three once the toys at home have worn off and the “‘I’m bored” starts on repeat!

As some of you may know we live in Leicestershire, so most places we tend to travel to are also in the Midlands, unless its an overnight stay then we venture a little further! We have some fantastic local places to visit, many of which I did visit as a child and plan to take Lola too.

Here’s some of my favourites:-

I’ve been  lucky enough to visit all of these places over the years, a lot of them were over summer holidays when I was at school too.

West Midlands Safari Park is absolutely amazing if you haven’t already been, it’s an experience like no other and you are unlikely to ever get as close to the animals anywhere else. I can’t promise the little ones wont cry the first time a deer sticks it’s head through the window though, it’s all good fun though.

I remember one year we parked up next to a tiger enclosure (gated) so we were allowed the windows down and the tiger turned around and sprayed all through the car window! My mum has always said to this day, “can anyone else say they’ve been wee’ed on by a tiger?” LOL

Me and my brother were literally dying with laughter in the back of the car.

Alton Towers and Drayton Manor are your average theme parks, it’s a good day out I imagine they still get super busy in the holidays, and if I was you – pack the car up with you food and drinks to avoid spending a fortune throughout the day.

Chatsworth is one of my childhood favourites, and it literally is a big house and massive gardens. Sounds kind of dull but the gardens are so worth seeing, they are absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect place to set up a picnic, in the summer you can sit by the HUGE waterfall steps which everyone has a little paddle in. The grounds are a must see.

A few other places worth a visit are:-

Visiting all of these would cost and absolute fortune, but even if you get to explore one new one for the day its a bonus. If you want to save money don’t forget to collect vouchers from the places you’d like to visit and you can also head over to Kids Pass who always have discounts and deals on for kids, especially over the holidays.

I try to always take a pack up and a blanket to have a little picnic whenever we head off somewhere for the day – just incase food prices are stupidly expensive (which a lot are).

You can also visit your local parks and farms for a cheaper day out! Or go and pick your self some fruit – have a read about our day strawberry picking here.

West Midlands Safari Park

Happy Reading!

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