Has your honeymoon phase come to an end?

If so, pack your stuff and get out! No don’t, I’m only joking.

I know for some people it actually can be really daunting when a relationship looses that whole ‘honeymoon period’, and some will start to question why?. Its completely normal. I promise.

Want to know what really changes after your honeymoon period?

  • You will use the toilet in front of each other constantly
  • You no longer need to pretend that you like that horrible restaurant that he loves
  • Forget sexy clothes, WHERE ARE THE JAMAS
  • You wont feel the need to get dolled up everyday
  • Your no longer a nervous wreck when you see your partner

You imagine when you first meet someone and build a relationship, you try not to moan as much, you want to cuddle and kiss ALL the time (which is kind of gross when people do this in public), but most importantly, you have absolutely NO responsibilities as a team just yet. You enjoy each others company and worry about the washing up later, you miss each other when your apart for a few hours, you might even do that weird spaghetti thing from Aristocrats but that’s fine. Whatever makes you happy.

As time goes on you’ll see each other more, you’ll probably live together by this point. Now, you have to start becoming a team, cleaning the house, sharing the wash load, cooking… you get the idea.

And we all know what happens when one person does more around the house than the other. 

Throw a baby into the mix and… well I’m afraid you now need to add tiredness, lack of time, plus all the housework I’ve already mentioned.

No jumping in bed together when you fancy it anymore!


As much as people may dread leaving their honeymoon period behind, it can bring a whole new level to your relationship. You become comfortable with each other, you begin to accept that your a team. You may both fall asleep on separate sofas at night instead of a bit of sexy time in the bedroom, but that’s ok. Your partner may fart on you to your disgust and find it hilarious – or maybe you do to him! 

I know that I have to race into the bathroom to brush my teeth before my hubby gets up to use the toilet, he has no shame in invading my bathroom space at all! If I was still in the honeymoon period Jack would never have seen my face without makeup! Let alone watch me crap myself whilst giving birth.

If there’s one thing I will always recommend though, it is to make time for each other. Whether you treat each other to a night on the town, have a romantic meal somewhere or create the perfect date night  at home. Quality time is key. For one night it takes you away from the stress and pressure of the home routine.

Don’t ever worry that your honeymoon period is over, it shows strength and maturity in your relationship and how you’ve grown together.

Jack and I have been together for 5 years, and next week we are celebrating our first year of marriage. I have more love and respect for him now then I ever did before, we get through hard times together, we laugh together, and we constantly grow together as parents.

What’s your views on ‘honeymoon periods’? Are you still in yours? Get in touch and let us know!

Happy Reading! x