My Blogging/Vlogging Equiptment

Hello lovely people!

I know so many people are wanting to get into blogging more and more and the beginning is a little daunting. What do you need? Where do you start?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share my experiences, how I edit pictures, and starting with what equipment I use, and hopefully this will give you guys a starting point. Plus it’s always nice to have a nose at what other people are using!

So, here’s the equipment I use on a day to day basis, and don’t forget this has all been accumulated over time, please don’t feel like you need to run down to your local John Lewis and buy everything on here! Start off with the basics, and be sure that it’s something you want to pursue.

1. My iPhone 7.

I cant stress enough how powerful your phone can be as long as you have one with a decent camera. I started off with absolutely nothing except my phone and with good editing apps you can make them look just as good as pictures you’d take with a camera. I often still take pictures with my iPhone 7 if I’m out and about and have left my camera at home.

2. Nikon D3400 Camera

My Nikon D3400 is the first camera I bought and I’m still utterly in love with it. It’s gradually getting a little slower, due to the amount its used. It is a bulky camera I’m not going to lie, but if you are looking to achieve the pictures that these cameras do, then you need one. Once you’ve customised your settings, this is perfect for capturing children and moving objects, very rarely blurs and captures every detail.

One con of this camera is the Bluetooth setting, I loved the fact that this camera could connect to your phone easily and share photos but it doesn’t. The connection is absolutely crap and unless your willing to spend hours waiting for a connection, you’ll be downloading them to your computer.

There is also a good range of lenses you can buy for this camera which all achieve slightly different looks.

*I do not use this camera for ANY filming*

Johns Lewis – £389

3. Tripod and Remote

I take a lot of my photos myself, due to my husband being the worst photographer in the world! So a remote for my camera is an absolute MUST.

It’s super easy to set your camera up on the tripod, connect to your remote and just play around finding the right spot you want to be in. It always takes a few goes at first, but before long you can kind of gage where about you need to stand.

I recommend giving yourself a bit of a timer (3 seconds or so), otherwise you won’t have time to quickly hide the remote from your hand, as I didn’t! When I look back now I can see the remote in quite a few of my pictures! Whoops.

John Lewis – £39.99
Ebay – £24.00

I would recommend doing some research on your tripods, I bought a cheap one from Ebay and it’s pretty much on the verge of falling apart. I think I will invest a little more money next time for one to last me longer.

Amazon – £2.59

4. Canon G7X Mark ii

This is my new baby and to be quite honest I’ve loved every second with it. It’s sooooo easy to use and I love how lightweight and easy it is to carry around. This is my Vlogging camera. It still gets plenty of use taking pictures but it struggles a tad with Lola whizzing round and sometimes ends up a bit blurry, but you can achieve such bright and crisp pictures with this little camera. Its flip screen allows you to see yourself whilst filming, and everything I shoot on it can be downloaded directly to my phone within seconds, it’s bloody brilliant! You also don’t need to have a remote for this as you can actually use your phone as one.

Not the cheapest of camera’s but so far worth every penny.

Very – £539

5. Gorillapod

This is small version of a tripod, but the legs are super bendy and you can manoeuvre them around anything, stair banister, round a tree, wherever you need it. When I vlog I tend to have my Canon camera on my Gorillapod as it makes filming less shaky than it would in my hands.

John Lewis – £21.99

6. Lighting

One of the most important things when it comes to photographing and filming, and its still on my to do list! I desperately need to invest in a ring light and possibly some box lights, I’m still fairly new to the whole vlogging side at the minute though so whilst its still light in the evenings, I’m making the most of the windows! Natural light is the best you can possibly use, if you try taking pictures with lights on at home, it creates harsh colours and shadows, and tends to look very unprofessional.

Amazon £69.99

7. Laptop

I’ve never owned a MacBook or posh laptop and I certainly don’t have funds for one at the moment, but you do need some kind of computer/laptop. You need one to upload photos too, edit videos and general website maintenance. I use my phone a lot for my Instagram posts and even short blogs but I’m finding myself getting my dell laptop out more and more.

My laptop is purely basic, but it does everything I need it to do.

John Lewis – £679.00


SO that’s basically a mixture of equipment I use for either blogging or vlogging. I don’t actually regret any of my purchases except maybe the tripod (as its a bit cheap and crappy) but make sure to always do your research on cameras and electronic equipment and make sure they cover everything you would want them to.

Next up I’m going to show you how I edit my photos!

*Disclosure* This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

Happy Reading x