Creativity & Your Child – It’s Not All About Drawings Of Stick People

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Every parent wants to encourage their child’s imagination and creative side. However, there are only so many drawings where the family pet is bigger than the house that you can take. So, finding other ways to harness that creativity is as important for you as it is for your child.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there. Here are five of the best; all of which can be incorporated ASAP.

  • Try other arts and crafts. Save the empty toilet rolls, invest in some cheap materials, and grab some inspiration off the internet. Whether it’s creating a 3D sculpture or turning old toys into garden decorations doesn’t matter. Craft glue guns will ensure that the products remain sturdy, which should prevent a tantrum or two. Your youngster will love the projects as well as the products. Remember to provide supervision in the appropriate moments, and you’ll be just fine.


  • Encourage your child to play an instrument. Even if your son or daughter isn’t the next Ed Sheeran or Ariana Grande, music is an amazing thing. It teaches discipline and a host of other skills that will aid their academic development. Moreover, if they do pick up the instrument as a hobby, they’ll have a way to express their creativity for life. Most of us grow up to regret not learning an instrument. Let your child do it at an early age, and the benefits could last a lifetime.

  • Sign your child up for sports. Infants football classes now start as soon as kids are walking while a host of other games can be played at an early age. Without realising it, your child will start to think in a creative manner as they look for ways to solve problems on the pitch or court. Once your child starts to visualise things in the sporting environments, it’ll soon start to show in other aspects of life. The fact that this is a great way to build confidence and communication skills is a bonus too.


  • Encourage group play using apparatus. Kids see the world in a unique way. What looks like a climbing frame to you can become a pirate ship, spacecraft, or anything else to them. While kids can imagine this by themselves, creating and sharing those stories with friends is the best. Again, aside from actively encouraging that creative spark, it’s an ideal way to boost other skills. Communication, confidence, and motor skills can all be developed in this fun manner too.


  • Let them tell stories. You’ve probably read stories to your child since they were in the womb. While you shouldn’t stop this habit, why not let your child tell some too? You will need to be prepared for a series of tales that lead nowhere. However, the statement that kids say the funniest things is very true. This is especially clear when they start creating stories, and you’re sure to gain some laughs from it. With a little practice, the stories will become more creative – as well as more structured.

There’s nothing wrong with the odd painting or drawing. Still, having these alternatives up your sleeve can only have a positive impact.

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