Speedy Meals – with Higgidy

It’s not hard to tell that I’m not the greatest cook, never have been and I probably never will be. If Jacks not around to rustle something up for us, having something easy to cook in the house is a must for me!

We were kindly sent a few goodies from Higgidy to try out, we ended up going for the Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion Parcels. Which are hand-folded vegan pastry, filled with chilli-roasted sweet potato, red onion, spiced tomato and lentils, sprinkled with Camilla’s millet and black onion seed topping.

Higgidy’s aim to create vibrant feel-good family food that you can easily throw together with a salad or other lunch/dinner ideas, they are giving you the option to not have to create a three course meal from scratch every night.

Which, lets face it, is perfect for me!

I wasn’t 100% sure how Lola was going to react to the new food parcels on her plate, as she can be a little funny with new things at first, so I decided to throw our sweet potato and onion with fish fingers and spaghetti. She loves them so I thought it might help her accept something new.

Everything was so easy! I loved being able to just shove everything together in the oven, the food parcels were super easy to keep your eye on too, you could tell as soon as they were ready.

I can be a bit of a fuss pot too when I comes to new things, but I was soo impressed with these, I loved everything about them. Especially the flavour, I find some of these types of food products can taste a little bland but these were far from it.

Higgidy have a range of dishes that you can try, from sausage rolls to smoked bacon and cheddar quiche  and much more. You can purchase Higgidy products in Waitrose.

Happy Reading x

*This product was gifted to me in return for honest feedback, all opinions are my own as always*

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