Twycross Zoo | Weekend Thrills #5

If you’re from Leicestershire you’ve definitely heard of Twycross Zoo, and more then likely have been on a school trip there once or twice too.

I visited a lot when I was younger and went on several school trips to this zoo, but I was yet to take Lola! Surprisingly as it’s only half an hour away from us. Lola had just turned one when we took her on her last Zoo trip which was to Chester Zoo and to be honest she was just too young to be interested in anything. This time was so much better, she really took an interest to all of the animals (minus the Gibbons – they were so noisy I think they scared the life out of her).

Watch Our Vlog around Twycross Zoo

The whole park has really improved over the past few years, and I heard that they had added lots of new attractions. I remember it only being animals, and grass, and not a lot else. Now they have a huge indoor reception area with soft play (you have to pay extra for this though), outdoor play equipment on the grassy areas, a small splash play area and just a lot of general improvements.

One thing that they will never improve on, as I know its out of their hands, is the wasps. We sat near to the children’s play train outside to eat our picnic, and I don’t even think I managed half a cob. They were on you constantly, in your food, flying around you head and just not making it a pleasant experience. Never mind though – I ate mine on the journey home!

Entering and leaving the facilities was really easy, I don’t think we cued for more than a minute to get in, and it was getting fairly busy.

Animals you can expect to see:-

  • Giraffes
  • Leopard
  • All kinds of apes and smaller monkeys (Inc. Gorillas, chimps, orangutans)
  • Elephants (although they are leaving in September to be mated)
  • Flamingos
  • Parrots
  • Penguins
  • Turtles
  • Meerkats
  • Reptiles
  • Snow Leopard

We had a really lovely day considering this is somewhere that I thought I’d been and done 100 times over. Not too big for the kiddies, but not too small that your finished and wanting to go home after half an hour.

I’m sure I will be returning again!


Happy Reading!