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    Surviving the monthly cold, with Snuffle Babe

    You know the score, a few coughs and sneezes – another bloody cold. Surely not? The last ones only just gone??! Words oh so familiar in our house hold. With Lola in Nursery the winter months are always pretty rough, she picks up a lot, as do most kids in Nursery and school. Unfortunately, our adorable little angels just can’t seem to keep germs to themselves and insist on sneezing and coughing all over anyone close enough. Most parents will agree how hard it is every time your child picks a virus up, especially if they are too poorly for Nursery or are up half of the night, especially when…

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    A letter to my daughter – grow to love yourself.

    To my little girl, You’ve recently started saying and doing things that I never knew you could, your hair is past your shoulders and your going into the next shoe size up. Your growing too quick for my heart to deal with. You’ve starting sneaking off with my makeup and wearing my jewellery, it’s scary watching you transform into a mini me! I’m selfish yes. I want you to stay my little baby forever, where I can protect you from everything and keep you safe but how I love watching you turn into the amazing little person you are. Your heart is so big and at two and a half…

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    Weekend thrills #1

    We had a super busy few days last weekend, I’m a bit late posting about it, due to nursing a swollen face and some kind of wisdom tooth problem! The joys. Me and Jack spent Saturday day and night in Birmingham celebrating my birthday, we tend to go a lot for special occasions. We really enjoy it, and spend the afternoon shopping, get some lunch and then a few cocktails before going to our hotel. We stayed at Clayton Hotel which is in a perfect location (about a 5 minute walk to the Bullring shopping centre). We stayed here on our last visit to Birmingham but it was formerly a…

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    16 things my toddler thinks.

    Toddlers are hilarious, they really don’t care that they are pointing and shouting about someone’s ‘strange’ clothes or ‘weird’ hair, much to parents joy as we shush and pull them along. They are brutally but refreshingly honest, one little girl once told me she didn’t like my eyebrows and you know, now I look back at pictures – I hate them too! They are very versatile and unpredictable – quite frankly a little frightening. I wonder what they think about? 16 thoughts of my toddler:- Mum told me not to do it, I’m going to do it. Mum told me not to touch it, I’m going to touch it. My bolognaise…

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    Starting school, and a mothers heartache

    It dawned on me the other day that my daughter will be starting school next September, and I could literally cry thinking about it. Even choosing a school is enough to start a migraine, how on earth do I decide? Is there a good school close by? What are the teachers like? What will the other children be like? Do I travel further for a better school? Ugh, I think I need a paracetamol. My main worry is that she won’t like it, she’s been at the same Nursery for a long time now and it took her a while to settle there. I know it’s an exciting time and…

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    It’s been a bad day, toddler tantrums #1

    Your toddlers screaming, she’s been crying and whiny all day long and it just feels like it will never end. You hold your head in your hands and ask “what am I doing wrong” From the moment she’s woken up you haven’t stopped, every demand is met every tear is wiped and every outburst is calmed down. It’s still non stop. You can’t leave the sofa without a meltdown, you go out and the tantrums continue, but now in public eyes. The day just feels never ending. You feel useless, and need a good cry behind a closed door and probably doubt yourself as a parent because let’s face it…

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    But Mum, I want to wear a dress!

    If I had a pound for every time I heard that, I’d be swimming in a diamond incrusted swimming pool now. Lola has hit the age where she’s obsessed with dresses and anything girly, and regularly wants to leave the house wearing her Elsa dress, which on numerous occasions I’ve tried to explain isn’t the right outfit choice for a trip to Asda. She dresses up at home whenever she wants to and loves twirling around in her tutu’s and Disney costumes, it’s so lovely to watch her imagination go wild. Recently, she’s developed a bit of an obsession with fairies, since purchasing a beautiful dolly from Tiny Tinks (its actually a Fawn,…

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    What was your experience with PND?

    I’m not going to to lie, if you looking for an in depth long term account of post natal depression, you won’t get that from this post. Mine was short, very short in fact maybe a day or two long – you could even class as baby blues. But it has still affected me 2 years on. I do like to keep my posts quite upbeat and see more of the funny side of parenting, but I’ve felt like this is a ‘have to’ post. Only because if I could of read something about someone feeling the same way it may have made me feel the slightest bit better with…

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    Get SS18 Ready, With Next.

    Get your toddlers (3mths-6yrs) SS18 Ready with the Next Spring Collection! This post is based only on girls clothing – as a mother to a daughter only I’d be hopeless with boys clothing! Next have just launched some absolutely beautiful clothing for Spring/Summer, scroll down for some of my top picks! Get your swim on!  These swimming costumes are so cute, I could easily of picked another 5 to put on here too, but I might aswell of Just photographed they’re whole catalogue! The red striped and two piece set are my faves! Shop the swimwear collection Here Jumpsuits Jumpsuits are my absolute go to outfit for Lola, there really easy to just…

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    P is for Poem #2

    My Granddaughter She’s a shimmer, she’s a glint of gold She’s a shelter from a world so cold She’s a rainbow stretching across the sky She’s a twinkle in her families eyes She’s the morning breeze upon my face She’s intricate like a piece of lace She’s a whisper that’s just left your lips She’s a feeling at your fingertips She’s laughter that fills up a room She’s a memory of loved ones gone too soon She’s a promise of a brighter day She’s a beauty that takes your breath away She’s a million stars rolled into one She’s the glowing heart of the sun She’s a mystery, yet to be…

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