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    Get your craft on! with Trunkaroo

    We were kindly sent our very first Trunkaroo to try out recently which was full of great craft fun. Trunkaroo is a monthly subscription craft box, which supplies your with a different theme and different activities every month, straight to your door! Which is perfect for me, because as much as I love to craft and teach Lola to be creative, being at work all week means I just run out of time to run to the supermarket and grab the stuff I would need. Their projects are aimed at 3-8 year olds and explores art, science and STEM topics and the boxes are also completely gender neutral – perfect…

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    DIY easter garden

    Create your own Easter Garden! These are so cute and a great Easter activity to complete with your little ones. I’m going to be using mine to put little treats in, perfect change from the usual easter baskets we use! You will need:- Grass Bunnies Decorative Eggs (optional) Faux grass roll Picket Fence Crate Glue Gun Scissors You will also need any decorations you want to use. I used:- Ribbon Paper flowers Daisy’s You can find these at all craft stores, Etsy and EBay. Cut out your grass squares to fit inside your crates, and decorate around the edges. I glued ribbon and daisies around the edge of mine. Now…

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    Easter Gift Guide – No chocolate included!

    Are you wanting something a little different this year for Easter for you little ones? Or maybe just some alternatives to chocolate so they aren’t bouncing off the walls for the entire Easter holidays? ME TOO! Give me strength if I find another Easter egg hidden in the back of a cupboard 6 months later. […]

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    DIY bow holder

    I’m a bit of a bow addict, as I used to make my own and also bought tonnes from other shops, Lola has quite the collection. However, I always had the same problem – bow holders I could buy we’re just too small! I’d need like 6 to fit all of them on! A couple of months ago I made a very quick DIY bow holder, which turned out pretty well – holds so many more bows! Currently going on to my second to put underneath to add even more (I may have bow issues, I know) but as you can see I had to start using the string to…

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    1st Birthday Planning

      It’s pretty daunting and exhausting planning a 1st birthday party, what venue to choose, what food, play equipment????? I secretly LOVED planning Lola’s though, loved thinking of all the little details and I wanted to try out a few different ideas to what I had saw at other parties. So I’ve decided to share all the details from Lola’s birthday for a little bit of inspiration for anyone struggling with ideas. We didn’t hire anyway, my mum has a fairly good sized garden so it was perfect for a July birthday (So we thought) My first thought was PARTY FOOD!! I already knew exactly what I wanted – Pretty…